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Ghost Town of Rosita, Colorado

The town of Rosita became founded in 1872 by those that were scouting out the hottest new silver mining spots in Colorado. The town was growing and prosperous for a couple years until the mines ran out of silver, and neighboring towns were still going strong and getting an established population. The town of Rosita is now known as a ghost town – but still has a great small community with local inns and restaurants in the nearby town of Westcliffe.

The ghost town of Rosita is located in Custer County, squeezed in between the Sangre de Cristo Range and Wet Mountains, makes for a great get-away vacation in a beautiful place still kept secret, to get your mountain cabin rental for a vacation that you will never forget.

While it was once a prosperous and striving community with over 2,000 residents, once the silver started running out so did the residents.

Fun Facts:

  • Saddle the Wind, an old 1958 western movie, was filmed in the town of Rosita
  • The town of Rosita, Colorado, the elevation is 8809 feet (2685 m), located at 38°05′50″N 105°20′10″W
  • The population in Rosita is less than 100 people
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